August 9th, 2016

Federal Cafe Bar, NQ Manchester


I am one of those people who has a brunch obsession. Are there any people who don’t have brunch obsessions in 2016? I love poached eggs on everything, and I regularly eat breakfast food for my evening meals. What you gonna do.

Federal is a little New Zealand/Australian brunch bar nestled in Northern Quarter in Manchester, which does brunch all day, and then cocktails in the evenings. Pretty sure that’s the best business idea I’ve ever heard.

So after months and months of stalking them on Twitter and Insta, I finally dragged my friend along for a spot of brunch while I was in Manchester getting my hair done.

And it was the BEST brunch.

I had a hard time choosing what to get from the menu, so what I did instead was I got just about everything, and that turned out to be a great life decision. I could hardly move afterwards, but I had Halloumi and Shrooms from the menu, which involves pan fried halloumi, garlic and thyme roast mushrooms, spiced tomato relish, a poached egg, and rocket, all on sourdough toast… and then I added extra bacon and smashed avocado… because of reasons.

I accompanied this with a matcha green tea latte, which tasted as pretty as it looked.

If I worked in Manchester you could find me in there at least once a week… so if you have yet to discover this place, or if you’re ever passing through, I urge you to pop in. You won’t regret it.

2 responses to “Federal Cafe Bar, NQ Manchester”

  1. Sarah says:

    Nice! Federal is on my list of brunch places to try (I moved to Manchester a week ago so haven’t got round to it yet!).


    • Oooh I also have a long list, there are so many great places aren’t there! I’m jealous that you live in Manchester and have these places on your doorstep! Defo pop into Federal soon 🙂

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