July 26th, 2016

Solita Preston

Solita Preston

Solita Preston Starters

I spend approximately 90% of my time stalking good places to eat, mostly on Instagram or Twitter. I’d been stalking Solita and their various restaurants dotted across Manchester for quite some time, when it was announced they were opening up a new restaurant in Preston.

Preston being considerably closer to where I live than Manchester, I was thrilled at the convenience, so booked a table and hopped a train pretty much as soon as it opened.

After being sorted for drinks and shown to our table, we perused the menu and ordered some halloumi bites (because halloumi is the one) and some kinda deep fried pickles to start.

Solita Preston Catalan Burger

I went for the Catalan burger, featuring grilled chorizo, roasted red peppers, pepperjack cheese, roasted tomato aioli atop a beautiful burger. It was absolutely delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite (even if I didn’t manage to finish it all due to filling up on cheese earlier).

My dinner date opted for a halloumi burger (because as previously discussed, halloumi is the one) so if you’re a vegetarian, you’ve got some good options.

Solita Preston Cow

Solita Preston Meat Aging Room

If you’re a vegetarian you may be less keen on the meat aging room, where the steaks are kept on display, but a couple of tables around me had ordered steak, and they looked pretty delicious to me. I’m definitely going to have to return to find out for myself.

Go follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more deets of what’s occurring with their new Preston restaurant.

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