March 12th, 2015

Upcycled Wooden Jewellery

I was recently contacted by a local company, Bough To Beauty who wanted to see if I fancied blogging about them. They were actually already on my radar, and so I didn’t hesitate because I love what they do!


Bough To Beauty are sisters, who make laser cut wooden jewellery using off cuts of wood which would otherwise be wasted – which is obviously super good for the environment, and the jewellery is just exquisite!


The whole ethos of the company is to be ethical, and environmentally conscious, and I am ALL about that. In an ideal world I would like to build myself an Earth Ship and be completely self sufficient, so I thought it was really cool when they told me they had spent some time living off grid in Portugal! You can read more about them here, but let’s take a look at some of the lovely pieces they very kindly sent me!
The pieces I picked out were the Heart Earrings*, and the Kitty Ring*. The earrings are just the perfect size and I think they really make a plain outfit look a million times more put together – and let’s be real, I pretty much live in all black, plain outfits.
The Kitty Ring is just too cute! I’m a total crazy cat lady and I couldn’t resist. It’s great because it’s adjustable, and it’s also great because it’s a cat, and… cats!
I also really loved the packaging! Recycled cardboard, with their simple but lovely logo on.
You can check out their website here, or their Etsy Shop here – they have some really cool pieces! Leave me a comment if you end up picking anything up!

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6 responses to “Upcycled Wooden Jewellery”

  1. That kitty ring is just gorgeous – and I love the story of the company, finding companies with good ethics is always a winner 🙂 x

  2. gleepface says:

    Aren't they wonderful? 😀 x

  3. gleepface says:

    Right? It's so important. x

  4. gleepface says:

    Thank you! ^_^

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