November 7th, 2013

Autumn Outfit

Asda Cardigan
Primark skirt
Primark shoes

I snapped this outfit the other day, and I really like it as an autumn transition outfit. I can pop a coat and a scarf on to keep me warm, and the burgundy and the sequins help add a bit of something to the outfit, since I always seem to wear so much black. I am really loving these shoes I picked up from Primark (in this haul) and after taking the pictures for the post I realised that this entire outfit is very ‘budget’.

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2 responses to “Autumn Outfit”

  1. Meg Casson says:

    Such a cute outfit, I wish we had Primark in Australia.

  2. I recent did the '90's tag' on my blog and it just brought back all of the things I used to love, like beanie babies, sabrina, furbys, BN biscuits! Gotta love the 90's x

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