February 17th, 2013

The Most Magical Shop I know

I thought I’d do something a bit different today, and show you a place I love rather than a product.
This is a shop called ’13 The Warehouse’ in Morecambe, a town near where I live. It is probably the most magical place I have ever been to. It sells everything from jewellery, homewares, children’s toys, hand made greeting cards, has a vintage section downstairs, and even a coffee shop, with free wifi. It is absolutely huge, with different things and themes in each little ‘room’. One of the main rooms has fake grass as the carpet, and the stairs are a rainbow! Everything is just so beautiful.
Every time I go in there I have to use huge amounts of restraint to not buy the whole shop, as everything is just so gorgeous and I could easily deck my house with half the shop. They even have loads of pretty fabric on the top floor, which makes me wish I was better at using the sewing machine, because it would be lovely to be able to make some cushion covers or even the odd item of clothing!
I wish that I didn’t have a full time job, because it would be so nice to just sit in the coffee shop bit (pictured above) and just take a laptop and blog all day.
I skulked around in there just before Christmas and took lots of pictures, which I will share with you below (warning VERY picture heavy), but if you check out their Facebook page they have albums full of even more pictures of the beautiful things they have, and the amazing decor and layout!
I have a trip planned soon to grab some of the gorgeous silver boxes you’ll see in one of the pictures below, and maybe a few other bits for my bedroom as I’m having a bit of a redecorate at the moment.
I definitely recommend giving this shop a visit if you ever visit Morecambe, or live in the area, as it is a real hidden gem, and I wish I could spend all of my time and money in there!











8 responses to “The Most Magical Shop I know”

  1. gleepface says:

    Isn't it amazing! I'm planning a little trip there next week to pick up some bits for my room 🙂

  2. gleepface says:

    Thank you!

  3. Shannon Woodfield says:

    It's absolutely beautiful! xxx

  4. kylie says:

    Oh wow its like a little treasure trove of wonderfulness!!


  5. gleepface says:

    Thank you! I really could spend days in there, I only showed about a quarter of the shop, it's huge and full of amazingness!

  6. gleepface says:

    Isn't it just! I could probably spend half my wage in there!

  7. Veronika LittleAlien says:

    wow,beautiful place :)))


  8. gleepface says:

    So gorgeous isn't it!

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